Discovering April

Welcome to the Discovery series! I will share recent trends I’ve noticed, products I’m digging, a playlist to jam to, and thought-provoking articles.

Want something to listen to while you read? Check out my April Showers playlist on Spotify - whereas march was a warm vibe, April is a bit rougher and stormier. It includes a huge variety, from Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish (LOVE) to music from the acclaimed movie Your Name (please watch it if you haven’t, so heart-wrenching and beautiful!).

Are you here from instagram? Awesome, check out the Death of the Calorie article I referenced on my insta post! I usually don’t have patients counting calories - I find it takes the focus off of health and puts it on pure energy in and out, which, as the article mentions, isn’t a super great indicator of our actual intake. Our bodies don’t function as machines (bleep bloop, 2500 kcal burned daily) and we have all sorts of individual differences to account for (included disease and illness and metabolic disorders and the microbiome and so much more!). Working with an integrative practitioner (like me) is a great way to decrease your inflammation and improve your dietary quality so you CAN lose weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds since my PCOS diagnosis (without myfitnesspal or running!). Shout out to my integrative doc and my integrative/functional nutrition training over the last year.

Death of the Calorie

Death of the Calorie

Cancer fighting foods list (specifically targeting breast cancer and lung cancer) by mindbodygreen. It’s a fairly well-sourced article and contains a lot of very anti-inflammatory foods we could all focus on eating more of! I talk about a lot of these foods with my cancer survivor patients daily.

Your ultimate guide to B-vitamins with Taste of Nutrition (are you deficient? are you wasting your money on a B-complex? are you at risk?)

Why Extreme Wellness is so Popular - do you feel in balance with your wellness practice, or do you feel like it runs your entire life? If it’s the latter, maybe it’s time to talk to someone about it. One RD shares a bit of her story of how wellness took over her life and even prevented her from living to the fullest. Vivaciously Well is about fitting wellness into your life, not fitting your life around your “wellness.” Being truly well means feeling in balance, and being able to move with the changes in life.

These days it seems wellness means more than having sound physical and mental health; to be truly well, you need also be slim, happy, energetic, attractive, strong, optimistic, present, engaged, and mentally sharp — and to maintain consistent levels of all these attributes.
— Why Extreme Wellness is so Popular

Do no harm, take no shit yoga practice with the Journey Junkie. Get yourself moving this month with the Yamas (one of the 8 branches of yoga’s 8-limbed path).

Image: The Chalkboard Mag

Image: The Chalkboard Mag

Almond butter cookies with coconut, hemp + flax - I’m always in for healthier cookies (I like to have a snack in the morning with my coffee as breakfast during the week, so these would be perfect!)

I spent a lot of time last week on Instagram talking all about detox! (go check it out if you missed the posts!) Here’s an extra article from MBG all about top foods to assist your liver

Speaking of detox - here’s a great podcast from Integrative Doc Aviva Romm all about detox!


I am obsessed with fantasy books, and the one I finished most recently was Scythe. I highly recommend it if you enjoy fantasy novels. I have a goal to read at least 20 books this year (I’m only 3 books in, so I need to pick up the pace!). I like to alternate between a helpful book (like Womancode or Kintsugi Wellness) and a fantasy/fiction novel. Fortunately, the sequel to Scythe was just released as well!

Let me know in the comments below what you’re all discovering!

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