Spring Yoga Playlist

Spring Yoga Playlist

Check out “The Choir” on Spotify now! Flow into spring feeling bright.

I want to share at least 1 yoga playlist per season that you can use to flow at home (any more is just a bonus). I read a post on instagram recently about someone going through YTT and how her teachers refused to share their playlists. They refused to teach her about how they found songs or orchestrated their music. To me, that’s just outrageous! In both of the YTTs I’ve been a part of, we teach trainees exactly how to design their playlists, down to recommending when to have lyrics and when not to. I give examples and we also talk about the legality of yoga music.

Of course, as you develop as a teacher (or student), you also develop your style and what music you like or don’t like. Not everyone wants dubstep, or sanskrit chanting (some people like both). Some teachers adamantly refuse lyrics, saying it distracts from the class, while others find it inspiring or use it as an outward mantra (I know I am willing to hold boat post an extra 10 seconds if Childish Gambino is playing). I think the mix of all these different styles helps us find teachers we resonate with, and brings diversity into yoga. What kind of playlists do you like in your classes?

I take this same approach in my mentorship of dietetic interns - I share a bit about my salary journey, how to negotiate, and what various jobs realistically look like. Because I believe collaboration and transparency brings out good change and growth in any field.

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